ADAM Summer School 2017

Anesthesiology Directed to Acute Medicine

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Welcome to the ADAM Summer School. This medical summer school features theoretical and practical knowledge of anaesthesiology and its implementation in acute medicine. After this course you will be able to handle stressful situations in the operating theatre and in the shock room. You will attain practical skills through simulation. ADAM Summer School is all about practicing, learning: education through medical simulation!

Simulation is a useful tool to gain confidence for the ‘real deal’ in your future career. Simulation is a training and feedback method which provides the opportunity to practice tasks and processes in lifelike circumstances. Medical simulation follows the lead of cockpit simulation training used in aviation, another high-risk, high-stress job where minor errors can quickly turn disastrous. In medicine, sophisticated mannequins, known as patient simulators provide health care professionals with a computer-based patient.

Medical simulators allows individuals to practice procedures as often as required to reach proficiency without harming the patient. You will simulate acute situations in the Operation Room. Simulation will ascertain competencies such as patient care, interpersonal skills and systems based practice. Following each simulation, there will be an opportunity for evaluation: a debriefing session. You will discover on which areas there is room for growth and improvement.

Not only will you be simulating, there will also be opportunities to develop other skills in this summer school such as performing intubations and coniotomies. Furthermore, you will visit inspiring lectures. See below for a more detailed medical itinerary.

In addition to education, participants will also have plenty of opportunities to connect with their peers from all over the world. We got you covered with social activities to make your ADAM experience unforgettable and worthwhile! See below for a more detailed social itinerary.

Location The ADAM Summer School is supported by and will be held at VUmc School of Medical Sciences and VU University Amsterdam.

Impression simulation centre
See for an impression of our simulation centre.

1st of July - 8th of July 2017
Accommodation: Best Western Couture

Download the ADAM Summer School Program

Course fee:
International students: 575 euros
Dutch students: 250 euros
Included: housing, breakfast, lunch for 5 days and dinner for 6 days, airport pick-up service, medical- & social programme. For the dutch students housing and breakfast is not included.

Refund policy
We would like to inform you that we have the following refund policy, when you've paid the fee and cancel your application:
a. Request for cancellation received more than 90 days (three months) before the beginning of the summer school: Full refund.
b. Request for cancellation received within 90 - 56 days before the beginning of the summer school: Seventy-five percent refund.
c. Request for cancellation received 56 - 42 days before the beginning of the summer school: Fifty percent refund.
d. Request for cancellation received less than 42 days before the beginning of the summer school: no refund. 

Medical knowledge requirements
We will only select students in their second til fifth year of medical school. Are you in your first year or in your sixth year or higher? Unfortunately, then you cannot apply for this Summer School.

How to apply:
Use the application form to fill in your personal information and type your motivational letter. You will receive a confirmation within two days when your application has succeeded.

Application form

Deadline for application: 31st of January 2017, before 23:59 CET 

We will only include the first 120 applications in our selection procedure.

After the deadline, we will go through all the motivational letters and evaluate who will be able to participate in this summer school. You will receive an email whether you got selected or not. After this email, you will be given two weeks to complete the payment. Otherwise we are unable to guarantee you a place in the ADAM Summer School. You will receive a second mail confirming your place when your payment is received.

The ADAM Summer School is supported and organized by IFMSA-VUmc. IFMSA-VUmc stands for the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations, VU medical center. IFMSA-VUmc’s vision: A world in which all medical students unite for global health and are equipped with the knowledge, skills and values to take on health leadership roles locally and globally. IFMSA-VUmc’s mission: Uniting medical students worldwide to lead initiatives that impact positively the communities we serve.

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