International minor VUmc Medical Sciences

Ever wondered how and why diseases develop? How medicine work or how novel drugs are discovered? What the underlying mechanisms are? Then join the exchange semester of Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc in which we will address all these questions.

The Amsterdam UMC - location VUmc's elective semester will give you insights in the translation of research to health care and back. In a minor of 24 EC (or 30 EC), you can select your minor of choice. You can complete your minor in January with a literature essay (6EC) to make it 30 EC.

Start date
September 2nd 
One semester
24/30 EC

From September till December, we offer the following 10 minors - 24 EC each:

For more  information on our minors and the VU, go to the VU minor website.

Target audience

The international minors of the VUmc Medical School of Sciences are open to our medical bachelor students and also to foreign students of partner institutions of VU and Amsterdam UMC. Exchange students who wish to apply for one of these minors need to have completed at least 90 EC in a relevant program like for example: medicine, biomedicinal sciences, psychobiology, technical medicine, or biopharmaceutical sciences. In addition, it is essential that you have a good command of the English language.

Third year BSc VU students in Biomedical Sciences, Health and Life Sciences (major clinical sciences or major biomedical sciences), Medical Natural Sciences and the beta track Amsterdam University College can also enroll. You need to have completed the first bachelor year and acquire at least 30 EC in the second year (= at least 90 EC).  In addition, it is essential that you have a good command of the English language.

Global Health Indonesia and Comprehensive Care and Anatomy are not open to outside students from other faculties or universities. 

If you are an exchange student and you want to take part in Comprehensive Care and Anatomy, an exception can be made if you meet all the requirements. This differs per exchange student and will be considered individually after your application.


  • Our own VU medical students will automatically receive an invitation to apply during their 2nd year. 
  • VU students from other faculties can send their application, consisting of a recent transcript of their grades and the choice of minor, to
  • All other students, national and international, can send their enquiries to .

Application for the minor starting in September 2020 is possible between February 15th and March 31st, 2020. Late applications will not be taken into consideration.
Please be aware that an application does not automatically mean you will be admitted to the minor of your choice.
The faculty will contact you as soon as possible, and not later than April 30th 2020 to let you know if your application has been successful.

About Amsterdam University Medical Center - VUmc Medical School of Sciences

This minor is organized by VUmc School of Medical Sciences and linked to the Amsterdam University Medical Center. The Amsterdam UMC has a strong international profile both in research and education which is reflected in its strong citation scores, its extensive international network, the high number of students doing part of their traineeships abroad, an English taught minor as an integral part of the regular medicine program, its international research master programs, and the specialized continuation courses offered  abroad.

The high quality of research and education at VU University Amsterdam and its Faculty of Medicine can be demonstrated by its excellent performance in international rankings. In the Academic Ranking of World Universities (or the Shanghai ranking) VU University is ranked amongst the top 100 to 150 universities worldwide. In the subject field of medical sciences, we rank even higher, we belong to the top 50 worldwide

The Bachelor of VUmc School of Medical Sciences is ranked first in the Dutch National Student Survey. The National Students Survey (NSE) is a large-scale international survey in the Netherlands, for which almost all students in higher education are invited to give their opinion about the quality of their education.

The master Cardiovascular Research of VUmc School of Medical Sciences is also ranked first in the National Students Survey (NSE) 2018 of all biomedical master's programs in the Netherlands. The master Oncology ranked second. 

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