Master Cardiovascular Research

The following webpages will guide you through your program. It will inform you on different aspects of your study, including forms, rules and obligations. This information enables you to complete your study as efficiently as possible.

The Master Cardiovascular Research educates you to become a research scientist with in depth knowledge, attitudes and skills regarding the development, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular (and related) disease. You are particularly trained to build bridges between clinicians and experimental researchers. The Master Cardiovascular Research is a two-year international program of 120 ECTS and tuition is completely in English. The Master is embedded in the Faculty of Medicine VU, which facilitates interaction with health care providers and investigators in the field of Oncology and Epidemiology.

The two-year program consists of the following components:

Overview ECTS program

The final Master Examination consists of all assessed items, which in practice means that all examinations will be added up to a total of 120 EC. The Examination Board eventually decides whether your Master Examination is finished successfully.