Students who finalized all aspects of the Master program and want to graduate must officially apply for graduation via the application for graduation. Please consult the Graduation Schedule Research Master's to see which deadlines apply to you.

Graduation ceremony


Date of graduation ceremonyTimeLocation
20 June 2019afternoonVU - Medical Faculty
19 September 2019afternoonVU - Medical Faculty
16 January 2020afternoonVU - Medical Faculty

- You can bring 5 guests to the ceremony.

- After applying for graduation, you will be invited for the graduation ceremony 2 weeks in advance. In this invitation, time and location will be announced.


You must fill in the application for graduation form. The application form should be completed and submitted electronically to Jacqueline Numan (email:

Also submit:

  • Copy of your passport or ID
  • Credit registration forms

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all materials are delivered by the appropriate deadline.

To qualify for graduation you will have to have fulfilled the requirements for the Master program as stated in the Academic and Examination Regulations (OER) and you must be enrolled for the correct program in Studielink.

At the moment you apply for graduation, all reports and portfolios must have been sent to the master coordinator. If you have any doubts about whether you qualify for the graduation ceremony or not, please contact Jacqueline Numan with the request: verification check of results. Please state your name, program and student number.

The last result for the diploma should be submitted in VUnet before the exam date at the latest. This means that you should hand in any reports at least 3 weeks before the exam date due to the independent assessment procedure. In July, August and December, an earlier deadline applies.

Example: If you want to graduate in June, you should send any remaining reports the last week of May for them to be assessed before the deadline of marks of June 23th (See Graduation Schedule Research Masters). Any later and you risk that the independent assessment will not be finished and you will not be able to graduate in June. Your graduation date will then be postponed to July.

Note: To get the degree certificate, we must have received your Academic Core portfolio, Minor and Major Internship  and Literature Study reports and portfolios (digitally). Without thesis no degree certificate!


When you finish your studies, you need to deregister. This is especially important if you finish during the academic year; your deregistration is effective from the first month following the date of your graduation. From that month onwards, you will no longer be required to pay tuition fees. Any excess payment of tuition fees will be transferred to your bank account. If you finish your studies in July or August, the full tuition fee applies to you, and you will be deregistered automatically.

Attendance certificate

Those who stop their studies without successfully completing the final examinations can obtain an attendance certificate from the Examination Board, provided that they have successfully completed at least two course components. The attendance certificate lists those examinations.

Extension of your registration

In the event you cannot finalize your studies in August, you need to extend your registration to the university and pay tuition fee for the new academic year again. In the new academic year, you can apply for your diploma at any date by handing in the forms.

Unable to attend the graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony is an official part of the Master Oncology and not a formality. Therefore, your presence is mandatory. If, by any chance, you are unable to come to the ceremony, you need to send an official statement to the Student Service Center with a valid reason for not attending. If the Exam Committee approves your request, you could get the option to obtain your diploma at the nearest Exam Committee meeting.

Note: being abroad for vacation or work is not a valid reason. In addition, it is not possible for your diploma to be sent via post due to strict academic regulations.