MA Oncology

Introduction to the programme
The Vrije Universiteit and the VU university medical center have identified cancer research as one of their core research areas. The master’s programme in oncology aims to transfer the unique combination of translational oncology research to the next generation of students. The programme is research-oriented and has a multidisciplinary character. Students are trained in state-of-the-art techniques in cancer research and therapy.

Structure of the programme:
The master oncology offers a challenging programme with a high degree of freedom to choose among a number of outstanding research groups and several specialized master courses. The programme coordinator advises on students’ career development and helps to set-out a tailor-made programme. The programme has a total duration of  2 years (120 ECTS) and tuition is entirely in English.

Topmaster’s programme for most talented students:
The Topmaster Oncology is a special component of the Master's Programme in Oncology, which offers the most excellent students the opportunity to acquire additional knowledge and skills in the field of oncological research at the highest standard. If you need more detailed information about the programme or your eligibility please contact the master coordinator.

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